Our Saga

“ Our journey begins in the majestic Himalayas, where we collaborate with master artisans to create works of art that embody centuries-old remarkable skills and craftsmanship passed down through generations. ”

These techniques preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Himalayas. Our tree-free Lokta paper products not only symbolize our unwavering commitment to sustainability but also provide a purposeful means to nurture the environment. Discover a world of spiritual enrichment and inner exploration with Bodhi-La. Our thoughtfully crafted singing bowls are designed to enhance your spiritual practices, inviting you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and meditation. Experience moments of profound relaxation and healing as each singing bowl radiates a unique energy and vibration. Within their harmonious ambiance, find solace and tranquility.

Our Creation

Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is a fascinating and enchanting instrument that has captivated people for centuries. Originating from the Himalayan region, this metallic bowl produces a unique and soothing sound when struck or played with a mallet. The sound emanates from the vibrations that ripple through the bowl, creating a mesmerizing resonance that can instantly transport the listener to a state of tranquility and inner peace.

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Lokta Paper

Lokta paper is a remarkable and ancient paper that has been crafted in Nepal for centuries. Made from the bark of the Lokta plant (Daphne papyracea), this unique handmade paper embodies the traditions, craftsmanship, and natural beauty of the Himalayan region. Lokta paper is known for its exceptional durability, rustic texture, and earthy aroma.

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